Bridge Triathlon – Race report

This is a slightly delayed race report from the Bridge Triathlon Super Sprint back on June 22nd , as I combated Glastonbury and illness, and prepared the new site.

I’d entered the Supersprint at Dartford for two reasons; I hoped I could work the short run distance into my recovery from ITB issues and it’d be a good first race for my brother. Afterwards I had a quick look at previous times and realised I could also do quite well, which would be nice. Continue reading Bridge Triathlon – Race report

Hello World!

Welcome to! This is where I’ll posting about races and training as I find my way the world of triathlon.

I’ve already imported my back-catalogue of posts on the theme of swim, bike and run to get going with, and hopefully there will be many more!

Bath Half – Did Not Start

My running career might have only been going a year, but I was really disappointed this weekend to clock up my first “DNS” (did not start).

On Sunday I was scheduled to take to the line at the Bath Half – my first half marathon. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as 3 weeks before the race I picked up some knee pain (suspected ITB issue). Since then I’ve been off running and “rehabbing” like mad with lateral leg lifts, strength exercises, foam rollering and then cross training with a bit of swimming, but it didn’t happen in time. Continue reading Bath Half – Did Not Start

Met League XC – Wormwood Scrubs Race 5

The start of the women's race hurtles towards us
The start of the women’s race hurtles towards us

I was mostly just happy to be able to race this, having picked up a little cold in the week and started antibiotics for a tooth infection. But I was able to make it on a beautiful, if a little windy, day out at Wormwood Scrubs, in the shadow of the prison of the same name. The course was a fairly easy 2 laps around the park and some sports pitches. I heard that flooding had prevented us from heading into the woods, but it certainly left some great puddles on the course, as captured brilliantly in a photo by fellow Serpie, Lars Menken. Continue reading Met League XC – Wormwood Scrubs Race 5

Met League XC – Horsenden Hill Race 4

Somewhere under all that mud are my shoes!
Somewhere under all that mud are my shoes!

What a beautiful day for a race, and a great race!

Sunny and warm for January but very, very muddy. This is my third cross-country race, and already I’m learning more about mud than I really wanted to know. This time the mud was soft and sticky, almost like clay and it makes it so much harder to pick your feet out of the mud, let alone have something to push against. I think running 5 miles XC is like 8 miles on the road. At least that is how I felt! Continue reading Met League XC – Horsenden Hill Race 4

First triathlon season

At the start of this year, I decided to take up triathlon as a challenge. Part inspired from the Olympics, part after completing the Virgin Active Indoor Triathlon in November and partly to get fit and get some more use out of my bike.

Since then, I’ve competed in 5 sprint and super-sprint distance triathlons, one duathlon, joined a running club and signed up for two half-marathons next year. So a pretty packed first triathlon season! Continue reading First triathlon season