Back in training

As of last Friday, 30th May, I am back in training! The physio has said I am no longer asymmetric and ready to get (slowly) back into to training. So hopefully no more missed races.

As suspected way back in late Feb/early March, I was having a problem with my ITB (iliotibial band) caused by weakness in my hips and excessive movement, specifically; the left hip dropping when unsupported. The whole situation probably wasn’t helped by having poor sitting and standing posture either.

Strengthening exercises and a gradual build up back to running; keeping a constant eye on the way my hips are moving seems to have solved it. *touch wood* This week I’m back up to 15 minutes of continuous running and increasing it bit by bit.

To reward myself for the patience of the rehab effort (and for the eventual submission of my PhD thesis!), I’ve entered the Bridge Triathlon super-sprint (400m open water swim, 14km bike and 3.3km run) on the 22nd June. Hopefully that run will be well within my range by then.

Mostly, I just can’t wait to compete again, and it’ll give valuable race and open water experience ahead of my ‘A’ race for the year in Hamburg next month.

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